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Unleashing Investments

Enabling investors and fund managers to share deals, invest in them, run SPVs, and exit anytime with unprecedented ease and efficiency thanks to smart contracts.

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Control your portfolio like never before!

Access top opportunities where you can invest on a deal-by-deal basis while being provided with the liquidity to exit with unprecedented ease.

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Join investment clubs (syndicates) to gain access to top deals alongside fellow accredited investors and notable syndicate leads. Get rewarded for helping deals (sourcing, due diligence, etc.).


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Select the specific projects that you wish to back and invest in them without any difficulties to build your own investment portfolio.


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Divest from your investment whenever you decide without any paperwork and without hurting the project or co-investors; giving you great control over your risks and returns.

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Create and manage your own investor club (or syndicate) where you can share, source opportunities together and invest in deals alongside co-investors you invited or who come from the Funders Guild network.

Fund as a Service

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Easily structure investment vehicles (SPVs) and set up the investment terms like carried interest. Raise privately deal-by-deal from your syndicate members and enable your LPs to exit anytime without impacting the investment.

Capital and Fund Management

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Focus on your leads and investors. We are committed to providing a seamless and fully integrated administration and capital management solution for structuring SPVs, fundraising, LP exit, etc.

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Fund manager

Seamless and efficient end-to-end investing like never before!

Share your investment opportunities with a wider audience, reward help from your syndicate (sourcing, due diligence, etc.), structure your SPVs and fundraise for them with great efficiency. Provide your LPs with convenient investing while benefiting from the liquidity to exit anytime with no hassle and without hurting the investment.

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Pool your investors into one efficient vehicle!

Clean your cap table by pooling investors into one investment vehicle. Onboard them by sharing a single link and we will manage the fund collection and compliance, while giving you additional leverage in your negotiations thanks to very flexible exit opportunities for investors.

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Hassle-free closing and fundraising

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Onboard your investors into the vehicle with a single link. We will take care of the fund collection, compliance and entity setup for you.

Clean cap table

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Once the fundraising is over, we will send you the money raised at once, making all your investors appear as a single entry on your cap table.

Peace of mind

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Benefit from additional leverage in your negotiations by giving your investors the possibility to exit with great ease, without impacting you and other investors.

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We are on a mission to get rid of inefficiencies in innovation ecosystems by enabling frictionless movements of private market capitals to allocate and reallocate fundings anytime to projects and causes that matter.

Our team

We are a deeply international team, with professional experiences around the world in venture capital, strategic consulting, innovation management and tech.

Nicolas Overdick

Europe, East Asia

Fabien Martin

Europe, East Asia,
South-east, Oceania

Guillaume Grillet

Europe, East Asia,
North America